North Carolina Probate & Estate Administration

Loosely speaking, probate is the court procedure for settling a deceased person’s estate according to North Carolina law and the terms of a valid will if one exists. While probate can sometimes be a simple matter, it can also be a surprisingly complex process based on circumstances that aren’t always obvious to the untrained eye. Perhaps you have heard horror stories from family members and friends who have experienced probate in the past.

At Starrett Law Firm, we minimize the stress probate causes. We serve by your side from the start and guide you through the various stages of administering a North Carolina estate. By taking the proper steps and meeting applicable deadlines, we help you probate and close the estate efficiently, without costly mistakes. And you’ll have more time to spend remembering your loved one.

Probate Resources:

Common Considerations

  • Filing the Will and Applying for Letters
  • Handling the Creditors Notice within the Time Frame Allowed
  • Completing and Filing Estate Paperwork
  • Locating, Collecting, and Managing Assets of the Estate
  • Paying Off Debts and Satisfying Claims Against the Estate
  • Distributing Assets to the Estate’s Beneficiaries
  • Closing the Estate
Let us ease the burden of probate.