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Hi. We are Starrett Law Firm, a Charlotte estate planning, probate, and business law firm in Ballantyne. Our mission is to impact lives and legacies. Since opening our doors in 2009, we have counseled hundreds of families and business owners across the greater Charlotte area and North Carolina. We always aim to provide an experience that is personable, smooth, and pleasant. We would love to assist you.

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Step 1: Connect

For assistance with any wills, trusts, estates or business law question, please contact our office today at 704.887.4944 or click the green Get Started button above or below to schedule a consultation. We’ll also share the forms and other information you should submit in advance or bring with you to our meeting.

Step 2: Counsel

Our initial meeting serves as a meet-and-greet where we can put faces with names and get to know one another a little better. It’s also an opportunity to discuss your situation. This includes a general overview of the law as it relates to your specific circumstances and our preliminary recommendations about moving forward. If you choose to engage us for representation, we will guide you along whatever path you’re on with experience and care.

Step 3: Check

After we wrap up, we may recommend that you perform a routine Legacy CheckSM to ensure that you stay on the right path. As your circumstances change in the future, we invite you to re-connect with us so we can assist you further.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are open 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. Appointments either earlier or later in the day are available by appointment only.

Yes. We recognize that some circumstances may hinder your ability to meet at our office. Subject to our availability, we will do our best to accommodate your request for an out-of-office appointment. For example, if you have been admitted to a hospital, we will arrange for a hospital visit. Please call to discuss your situation further.

Generally, anyone we will represent should attend our consultation. For example, if you have contacted us about estate planning and you are married, then your spouse must attend. If you have lost a loved one, then we must meet with the person who will be representing the estate. If you are starting a business with one or more partners, then all business partners should attend.

Yes, we charge for consultations. In most cases, however, when you hire us to perform the work that we discuss within 15 days of our consultation, we will credit the consultation fee in full towards the total project fee.

It depends. We set flat fees for work that has a clear starting and stopping point. We bill by the hour for work that is more open-ended in nature. And for some work, we charge a “hybrid” fee whereby a portion of our services is billed on a flat fee basis and a portion is billed by the hour.

Yes, we accept credit cards as well as ACH transfers.

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